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GP Sarmicel's Lucky for Me
of Catizen

My love for Burmese began in 1974 with my first Burmese, Jai-
Burs Nekko Li. She was the sweetest cat I had every known,
though she was pet quality and never grew beyond a lean 5 lbs in
her 19 years. Almost 25 years after getting my first Burmese I was
finally able to start raising them myself. The cattery was originally
located in the village of Arnold, Nebraska, on the edge of the
famous Nebraska Sandhills.  However, I
now live south of  the
small village of Gibbon, Nebraska.  The cattery is 120 miles west
of Lincoln, Nebraska, and 15 miles east of Kearney, Nebraska,
adjacent to Interstate highway I-80.  Without a doubt, my
relocation has made obtaining a Sarmicel kitten much more
convenient, since we are now located within minutes of one of
America’s  most heavily traveled transcontinental highways.

In 2001, I purchased my foundation female, CH Nakodo Autumn
Lily of Sarmicel from Alice Hidaka of Nakodo Cattery, Lenexa,
Kansas. I later obtained  GC BW Nakodo Joker's Wild of Sarmicel
, from Alice. My first serious show cat, "Joker" earned the title
2001-2002 CFA National Champion Dilute Burmese. In addition
to having been an extremely successful show cat himself, "Joker"
has proven to be a sire and grandsire of grand champions. His
first kitten, GC Sarmicel's Martina McBurm was  nationally ranked
as the No. 2 Dilute Burmese kitten in 2002-2003.  Martina’s full
brother, GC Sarmicel's Otto Graham was nationally ranked as the
No. 2 Dilute Burmese in the Championship class in 2003-2004,
and again in 2004-2005.   In a "show career" that lasted less than
4 months, "Otto" competed in only 11 shows, earning 10 Best
Cat awards.

Sarmicel cats have continued to make an impact in the show
ring.  In 2005, Joker “visited” 2 of the most prominent Burmese
catteries in Colorado, while Otto spent approximately 6 months on
lease to 2 equally notable catteries in California.  As a result of
their travels, kittens sired by Joker and Otto have rocketed to the
top of the national breed rankings.  One of Joker’s daughters,
Cheruburm’s Little Flower earned the titles of Grand Champion
and Regional Winner as one of the top 25 CFA cats in all-breed
competition in the Gulf States region.  Another of Joker’s kittens,
Quercetin Sirius achieved the unprecedented honor of being
named the Best Kitten by all 6 judges at a show in Salt Lake City,
Utah this past season.  One of Otto’s daughters, Anoka Comice
was the top Burmese kitten at the CFA International show this
past November.  At that show, “Comice” earned the honor of
being the 19th place kitten in all breed competition against a field
of 305 kittens.  After turning 8 months of age, “Comice” earned
her Grand Champion title in her first competition, thereby taking
her place in the elite club of “One Show Grands.”  This required
her to beat a minimum of 200 other “Champion” cats in that single

In addition, to the kittens sired by Joker and Otto while “on loan”
another of Joker’s sons GP RW Sarmicel’s Lucky for Me of
Catizen became Sarmicel’s first all breed Regional Winner.  He
ended the 2004-2005 show season as the 8th ranked Premier in
CFA’s Midwest Region.  GC Sarmicel’s Bronco Nagurski gave
Sarmicel an additional honor when he obtained his Grand
Champion title.  He was the 5th kitten born to Sarmicel Lisa
Simpson to earn his Grand Championship, thus presenting his
mother with the title of Distinguished Merit; Sarmicel’s first “DM”.  
In addition to his showring success, a photo of “Bronco” was
selected by Cats USA magazine to appear in its 2006 Annual
publication.  His photo appears on page 27 of the magazine in
conjunction with an article entitled “Take the Kitten Cost Quiz.”

With the granding of GP Sarmicel's Larry Czonka in 2007,
Sarmicel received its second Distinguished Merit award for CH
Nakodo Autumn Lily of Sarmicel, DM.   

"Joker" put the cap on his illustrious breeding career by becoming
a Distinguished Merit male, having sired a total of 16 Grand

Most recently, GC BW Sarmicel's Walter Peyton became
Sarmicel's 2nd national CFA Breed winner for the 2006-2007
show season as the national champion Dilute Burmese.  Walter
now is actively siring another generation of exceptional show cats
for us.

In the years since I first established my breeding program with
emphasis on cats from the Nakodo Cattery,  I have subsequently
added cats with bloodlines from some of the most successful
Burmese catteries in the U.S., including Austriana, Acrocats,
Brenwood, Burpur,  Mar-Chu & Kawpaw. It is my intention to
breed show winning Burmese in all four recognized colors; sable,
champagne, blue and platinum.  However, rest assured that I will
never abandon my pledge to make Sarmicel a reliable source of
healthy, playful yet mellow, affectionate, people oriented Burmese
cats and kittens.  Although Sarmicel has achieved a remarkable
level of success in showring competition, the one role that our
Burmese fill without equal is that of loving companions.  Whether
your Sarmicel kitten is destined to be a Grand Champion or your
lap-loving companion that never competes, I want you to always
believe that adopting one of our Burmese kittens was one of your
very best decisions.
GC Sarmicel's BB King of